Our partners are vital to our success and we work relentlessly to develop a mutually rewarding relationship that benefits you and your customers. Expand on your market position and create a new revenue stream for your business without any upfront investments, by offering services that compliment or enhance your core services , products. Provide your customers with additional value-added services & resources that will ultimately strengthening your client relationship and further your position at a trusted technology partner in the eyes of your clients.

We will work with you to identify requirements within your client base or with an approach to acquire new customers and run with entire needs assessment, sales process and implementation of services.


Become a Partner of Blue Forest Technologies and you’ll have access to the full range of AT&T’s award-winning services, the Blue Forest Hosted VoIP Platform and our value add consulting services. Whether your customers are small, medium or global in size, expand your service offering portfolio backed by dedicated support and best in class resources.

In addition to providing for your customer wireline needs, your on-the-go customers expect you to be able to provide for their mobile needs, too. Adding AT&T Wireless services to your product portfolio positions you to be the go-to resource for all of your customer’s telecommunications needs – wireline, data and wireless.

Our goal is to enable you to focus are your core business while building additional income streams by partnering with Blue Forest with no upfront investments or barriers to entrance. There is no need to hire and train staff to embark on this amazing business opportunity –  All we need is an introduction and our team will handle discovery, needs assessments, proposal, contracts,  implementation of services and life cycle account management support.

As a partner, you’ll earn compensation for the referred customer sales and receive upfront profit share payments.

Please reach out to our business development immediately to set up an introductory call or meeting.