Technology Rollouts

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    Project Management

    Experienced project management from a trusted technology rollout company is crucial to rapidly deploy multi-site, multi-service, multi-technology nationwide and international rollouts. This is why Project Management is the cornerstone of our service offerings.

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    Circuits connect your network to the rest of the world. We understand this critical nature and have the knowledge and skills to install and maintain circuits as well as provide maintenance and prevention services.

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    Equipment & Technology

    As a key part of our Rollout Services Model, the Equipment & Technology component determines the site-specific requirements such as services, deployment technologies, technical support and communication specifications.

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    Blue Forest Technologies provides expert cabling services to meet your diverse needs. We are highly experienced in servicing structured cabling solutions for large and small networks as well as providing additional cabling services. Services include complete single-source solutions for system planning, design and engineering, high-speed data cabling installation, equipment installation and system service.

    The following are Blue Forest areas of expertise:

    • Office Automation
    • Analog & IP Camera Sales and Installation
    • Video and Audio Intercom Systems
    • Data center design and Installation
    • DMARC Extensions
    • Troubleshooting and Repair
    • 24/7 On Call Support & Repair
    • Pre-Installation Field Surveys
    • Design/Build Cable Systems Architecture and Layout
    • Project Management

  • Site Surveys & Estimates

    Blue Forest Technologies’ Site Survey and Estimate services focus on reporting the job’s physical requirements (wired or wireless) and overall costs so that you have a complete picture of your project before implementation begins.

  • Logistics & Configuration

    Blue Forest Technologies’ 130+ Nationwide Rapid Distribution Centers (NRDC) and local field force partnerships enable us to provide accelerated deployments of highly responsive field rollout services which are capable of meeting all SLA requirements. For virtually any site location worldwide, we ensure full accuracy and on-time delivery of equipment.

  • 24/7 Maintenence

    Our maintenance services are available 24/7 – domestically and internationally – to respond quickly to minimize any disruption. We offer a range of business network support and equipment maintenance services to meet your project needs.

  • Billing

    We employ our Centralized Single-Tier Process Structure to provide audited and consolidated billing that is delivered rapidly upon completion at each job site and in the format chosen by you.